Vacation at Tropical North Queensland

Enjoy Vacation at Tropical North Queensland

People around the world love to travel at places that are near to nature and where they can feel every moment of their vacation. Tropical north Queensland is one of those places that can attract entire world to this unspoilt, wild and naturally adventurous place. The greatest thing about Tropical North Queensland is that two […]

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Cruise to New Caledonia

My holiday diary: New Caledonia Holiday It was the first day of the cruise aboard the Pacific Sun. Sailing from Brisbane onward to Noumea and Lifou in New Caledonia, and Port Vila in Vanuatu, the South Pacific had always beckoned one with its crisp sea air, interesting and unknown destinations to explore, and overall a […]

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Travelling and Panic Attack

A Panic attack is a sudden arousal in physiological aspects of an individual for a discrete period of time. These physiological aspects may include fear, intense anxiety stomach disorders and many other cognitive symptoms. These attacks are not predictable and any one may not know the triggers that may have caused these attacks. These attacks […]

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Feel the warmth of the locals

If you want to feel the warmth of the locals, New Caledonia is the place to visit for sure As we stepped out of our cruise ship, we were greeted by a very pleasant sight. The locals, dressed in colorful blue attires greeted us with all their enthusiasm. As our journey progressed down the stairs, […]

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Activities in New Caledonia

If sporting activities and challenges are what you’re looking for, then New Caledonia an island in the southwest Pacific Ocean is your destination. New Caledonia that belongs to France is a haven for the intrepid traveller with sporting encounters that abound. You’ll be spoilt for choices when it comes to activities in New Caledonia Activities […]

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Cruise from Australia to New Caledonia

Cruise from Australia to New Caledonia

Several cruise lines offer cruises from Australia to New Caledonia, a tropical island in the South Pacific Ocean. Here are a few options: P&O Pacific Dawn Cruise – Pacific Dawn is a recently refurbished cruise ship complete with a dolphin-shaped prow, a domed observation lounge, and nearly 800 cabins. The cruise to the South Pacific […]

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Cruise Adventure

Cruise Adventure

Whether you are looking for the adventure of high northern ports such as Juneau and Ketchikan, the relaxing, warm turquoise waters of the Bahamas, the culture soaked ports of Spain, Italy, Denmark or the world famous tropical ports Hawaii has to offer, a cruise adventure is a delightful and variety packed vacation you won’t soon […]

Duck Pond with Lotus Flowers

Underwood Park: A Beautiful and Functional Recreational Area Underwood Park is a large and lovely park located at Underwood Road in Priestdale. The most striking features in the park are the picturesque gazebos present in different areas and a beautiful lagoon. It is also a very popular place for various functions, especially weddings, because of […]

Australian Cities

A local’s guide to Australian cities Australian cities are some of the most beautiful and entertaining holiday destinations that you could ever visit. Between Melbourne, Brisbane, and Sydney accommodation, there are many cheap options for stay. There are many fantastic places, where you can visit eat and drink. Apart from dining and entertainment places, there are numerous […]

children in the park

Fun Games to Play in the Park

We all have public space or a park nearby at our delight. In events such as parties or just a day out to the park, one or two games in the park can help prevent boredom. Here are a few park games which are appealing to both children and adults. Horseshoes Horseshoes is one of […]

Photography as a Hobby

Photography as a Hobby

If you like capturing moments spent with your friends or observing people, animals and beautiful landscapes, you may have a knack for photography. Photography as a hobby is very popular because most people nowadays have easy access to a camera, either through a compact digital camera or even their phones. Here are a few points […]

Photography a Good Career Option

Is Photography a Good Career Option?

Photography is one of the fastest growing career options, as more companies are looking for striking images to publish in newspapers, magazines or websites. However, if you are looking at photography as a career option, be prepared for an uphill ride because it’s not easy to make your presence known in this field. Companies usually […]

Is Photography Therapeutic?

All arts have healing and therapeutic properties which can calm the soul and gives us a sense of joy. Photography is no different and it is a great way to connect with our surroundings and capture a memory that stays with us all the time. By looking at those pictures, we get to know more […]

The History of Photography

Photography has been practiced since the Middle Ages, when camera obscuras were used to form images on walls through a pinhole and telescope lens. However, the real history of photography started when the camera was invented to create permanent images. It began with Thomas Wedgwood in 1790 and was developed by Joseph Nicephore Niepce, who […]

What is Photography?

Photography is not just the process of capturing images and developing them to create permanent photographs: It is much more than that. It is a way of feeling, of touching and remembering little nuances of experiences that we forget as time passes by. By taking a photograph, we can hold a moment forever and revisit […]