Australian Outback: The Uniquely Australian Invitation

The history of Australian Outback stretches back at least 50,000 years. In Aboriginal mythology, the Outback was created by ancient spirits who moved across the land, calling animals, plants,rocks and other landforms into being as they went. These stories belong to the Dreamtime and are part of the Outback’s rich cultural history. When the first […]

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Chung Tian Temple-Garden

Chung Tian Temple

Chung Tian Temple: Where Cultural Diversity and Harmony Exist Together Chung Tian Temple is a serene and beautiful piece of architecture inspired by the traditional Chinese Buddhist designs and is located midway near the cities of Logan and Brisbane. The temple, which literally means “Middle Heaven”, was built in 1992 and is an ideal picturesque […]

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Fear of Flying

Fear of Flying

How I Conquered My Fear of Flying One of the best decisions I have ever made in my life was to face and conquer my fear of flying. My entire life changed for the better the day that I finally took my first flight. I equate my experience to reading a book. Before I flew […]

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Holiday in Australia

Helpful hints when planning a Holiday in Australia Located in the southern hemisphere; Australia ranks in the top 25 vacation destinations. The upbeat lifestyle and friendly locals clubbed with the attractions that the country has to offer attracts tourists from across the globe. When planning a trip to Australia it is important to consider the […]

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Camels in the Australian Desert

Camels in the Australian Desert

It is estimated that there is in excess of one million feral camels in the Australian desert and they are the only feral herds of their kind in the world. One small way to utilise these camels is to go on a short or multi-day camel safari to connect with a fascinating part of Australian […]

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bird at lake

Bird Watching and Photography

Facts About Bird Watching and Photography Bird watching means observing birds in their natural habitat. We can do it as a hobby or as a recreational activity and use binoculars or cameras to get a clear view. Bird watching and photography are closely related because capturing these beautiful and elusive birds can be a fascinating […]

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Duck Pond with Lotus Flowers

Duck ponds can be made more beautiful, refreshing and relaxing if they feature lotus flowers. This creates the ideal environment for anyone who just wants to chill and spend some quiet time on a bench near the pond to think about something important or just get emerged in the beauty of nature. The flowers help […]

Cairns Australia

Cairns Australia is famous for it’s abundance of tour choices, which are, offered to travellers visiting this magnificent city. The tours include a collection of rainforest excursions, reef activities and a variety of tours all of which have many photo opportunities. An exciting rainforest tour is the three day Daintree, Cooktown and Outback tour which […]

Magical Holidays In Dubai

Imagine spending your free time in one of the most fascinating destinations in the world. Holidays Dubai is becoming increasingly popular and has something that everyone can afford. Located on the Persian Gulf the desert oasis is one of the most popular family destinations because there are so many activities. If you are traveling from […]

Clubbing In London

The Absolute Best Way to Go Clubbing In London

London is known for having a one-of-a kind club scene. As the biggest city in the European Union, it is the birthplace of unique music that propels a thriving club scene. Clubbing in London can provide a night that will not soon be forgotten. It promises a night filled with dancing and a unique musical […]

Hong Kong

How to Book a Cheap Vacation to Hong Kong

Have you ever wanted to just get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a week or two? Or have you been trying to think of a romantic getaway for you and your loved one? Everyone wants to take a break from their lives now and again and one way to do […]

Car Hire In Christchurch

Things To Consider When Looking For Car Hire In Christchurch Car hire in Christchurch should be chosen depending on the number of expected travellers. In order to be comfortable, you have to get the right vehicle size. Everyone needs their own space in order to enjoy their trip. There are many options that you can […]

Caribbean Travel

Few places on earth can give the traveler more diversity in terms of people, landscapes, food, and culture than the Caribbean. This Caribbean travel guide will touch on some of these locations and how to experience them. From the deserts of Aruba to the jungles of Jamaica, with cultures of Dutch, Spanish, French, and African […]

Camper Trailer

Holiday Trips to the Outback using a Camper Trailer

If you look at the lifestyle of people, it brings home the ugly truth that we all live mechanical lives. As the poet puts it, we have “no time to stand and stare”. So, we do not have enough time to relax and rejuvenate ourselves. If we want to improve our health and lead a […]


Asia has something for everybody

The largest continent in the world, Asia stretches across several time zones from Turkey in the west to Russian Siberia in the east. Coming from the United States or New Zealand, Asia will definitely be a culture shock since each country is very diverse. Whether you are trying to find online deals with Istanbul hotels in […]